• Turf colorants:  Enhance the appearance of dormant or off-color turf with our wide array of turf colorants.  Available with or without binders and in several shades of green, these high quality, concentrated colorants will deliver long-lasting, vibrant color and contrast for both fairways and greens / tees.
  • Pond and lake colorants:  both liquid and soluble packet formulations of intense blue and black formulations.  Designed to be high performance and environmentally friendly.
  • Spray pattern indicators:  available in blue and green in several concentrations, these products are formulated to aid in the elimination of skips and overlaps in spray patterns.
  • Divot sand colorants


  • Marking foam: Formulated to rapidly dissipate without damaging or discoloring turf while assisting in preventing skips and overlaps in spray patterns.  
  • Spray tank cleaners:  products designed to remove pigment stains, generalized cleaning, and pesticide neutralizing for spray tank maintenance.
  • Rust removers:  formulations designed to chelate, solubilize and remove unsightly staining from surfaces and structures
  • Defoamers: concentrated solutions designed to reduce foaming of spray tank solutions.