When urea and sulfuric acid are reacted in our highly proprietary reactors using a tightly-controlled process, the result is a special molecule called a chlathrate.  By varying the formulation and the structure of the clathrate, we have the unique ability to create multiple products with various characteristics and purposes.  Because the acid is “sequestered” in this clathrate molecule and does not disassociate like normal acids, these formulations allow the safe delivery of sulfuric acid to the soil or irrigation water.  The unique characteristics of these formulations allows sulfuric delivery and reduced pH applications without the usual worries of worker and crop safety.


  • Products designed to be injected into irrigation systems to reduce pH, remediate bicarbonates, and reduce the deleterious effects of poor irrigation water.


  • Products designed to be sprayed or injected to deliver acid-stabilized nitrogen as well as remediating the soil.  After application, the clathrate hydrolyzes in the soil to safely deliver sulfuric acid and a form of nitrogen that does not volatilize.  
  • Because of the clathrate molecule, the sprayable products do not pose a threat to the foliage of even finely maintained golf greens even if the products are not watered in immediately.
  • Benefits include remediation of bicarbonates, assistance with high sodium soils, enhanced tank mix compatibility, zero volatilization, reduction of spray tank pH, liberating soil nutrients that are not available due to soil reactions / adverse soil conditions, enhanced activity of applied organics and microbials, reduction in black layer.


  • A wide variety of acid-stabilized fertilizers created with the urea-clathrate technology as the nitrogen source.
  • NPK, minors, value-added components are all possible to be formulated with the urea-sulfuric technology, even compounds that normally are not compatible due to the non-damaging low pH of urea-clathrate solutions.
  • Starter fertilizers:  the use of the urea-sulfuric technology will stabilize ammonium polyphosphate starters and even allow sulfate-based micronutrients to be directly mixed with APP solutions


  • Urea-sulfuric combinations with soil surfactants and penetrants have incredible soil remediating properties to enhance infiltration, remediate adverse soil conditions, enhance pesticide performance, and enhance tank mix compatibility.