Custom Agronomics offers a wide range of customized beneficial microbe solutions for specific agronomic purposes. A wide array of “off-the-shelf” options exist in addition to the ability to culture a specific consortia from a customer-provided sample or to a customer specification. Our capabilities even include highly sophisticated encapsulation technologies to keep the microbes viable in hostile environments.


  • Biological Mineralizer

Improves nutrient cycling and mineralization

  • Biological Nitrogen Cycler

Inoculates soil and plants with a biodiverse set of nitrogen fixers and assimilators

  • Nutrient Solubilizers

Provides nutrient releasing bacteria to the soil that make insoluble nutrients plant soluble and available (i.e., P, K, Ca, B, Si, S, Mn, Mg, Fe, Cu, Zn)

  • Biological Nematode Management

Remediates a wide range of pathogenic nematodes in the soil and rootzone

  • Biological Fungal Management

Remediates a wide range of pathogenic fungi in soil and on the foliage

  • Biological Insect / Pest Management

Remediates a wide variety of crawling and flying insect pests

  • Biological Compost Product

Accelerates composting and decomposition of manures, composts, green manures, grasses, landfills, sludge, and wastes

  • Biological Residue Degrader

Decomposes post-harvest stalk residue on corn, bean, and other crops

  • Mycorrhizal Fungi

Mycorrhial fungi for improved air & water channeling through compacted soils