Custom Agronomics has a wide capability to produce virtually any liquid nutritional input.  With our proprietary manufacturing and reaction vessels, Custom Agronomics can handle everything from basic liquid blending to managing highly endothermic and exothermic processes.  Final product quality is unsurpassed, using only the highest quality raw materials and the most sophisticated production processes including an industry-leading final product ultra-filtration down to one micron.


  • Foliar and soil applied formulations
  • Fast and slowly available nitrogen sources
  • Stabilized nitrogen sources
  • Orthophosphate and polyphosphate
  • Multiple potash sources


  • Soil amendments
    • Humic acid
    • Carbon-based
    • Microbial-based
    • Root stimulating
  • In furrow
  • Root injection
  • Soil remediation / acid-based
  • Drip irrigation


  • Foliar and soil applied formulations
  • Basic manufacturers of
    • EDTA chelates
    • Glucoheptonates
    • Citrates
    • Boron MEA solutions
    • Nitrates
    • Urea-sulfuric clathrate based
    • Phosphite based micronutrients
    • Acetate based micronutrients
    • Urea-sulfuric stabilized micronutrients
  • Customized formulations for specific crops / crop cycles