Custom Agronomics, Inc. is a formulator of liquid nutrients, specialty chemistries and high performance wetting agents and surfactants. Our products are specialized for professional turf management, agriculture and lawn and garden. At Custom Agronomics we use the highest quality materials to formulate technologies that are truly unique. Our specialty soil health product line provides a complete solution to soil fertility. To support plant health our proven foliar technologies provide increased nutrient availability, increased stress resistance, advantageous root development and increased yields.

As a leading formulator and manufacturer of foliar health and soil fertility products, Custom Agronomics is dedicated to supplying customers with the highest quality in liquid nutrients, specialty chemicals and surfactants. We listen to our customers and we are proud of our ability to adapt to their needs quickly. We excel in custom formulations in large and small quantities. At Custom Agronomics we are committed to the success of our customers.

Why Custom Agronomics?

Given today’s economic climate, turf and agricultural managers are seeking ways to preserve the quality of production with shrinking budgets and fewer resources. Custom Agronomics believes in providing unique chemistry products that maintain the highest levels of production without the expense normally associated with these types of technologies. With Custom Agronomics, custom solutions and high performance doesn’t mean high cost!

Plant Health and Nutrition

• Foliar nutrition
• Biostimulants
• Soil amendments
• Acetate-based nutrients
• Phosphites
• Plant defense elicitors
• Silica-based liquids

Surfactants and Adjuvants

• Soil surfactants
• Pesticide adjuvants
• Spreader-Stickers
• Pelletized wetting agents

Specialty Chemistry

• Nutrient efficiency polymers
• Tank mix compatibility agents
• Tank cleaners

Soil and Water Conditioners

• Urea-sulfuric acid
• Sequestering agents
• Tank buffers
• Sodium remediation
• Bicarbonate remediation

Contract Packaging and
Private Label Formulating

• Contract formulation
• Contract packaging
• Private label product line development

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