Custom Agronomics is a basic manufacturer of superior, patented formulations of nitrogen protection products.  Various formulations are available depending upon the application strategy of the nitrogen.  The patented solvent system in our nitrogen stabilization family of products allows better penetration, better drying, and lower surface tension which results in more thorough coverage and ease of use even in cold temperatures.


  • NBPT / DCD combination with higher NBPT levels formulated with a patented solvent system.   Designed for protection of surface applied nitrogen.  Provides triple protection against volatilization, denitrification, and leaching.


  • Custom ratios for flexible use.
  • Blends of NBPT / DCD in ratios that provide a moderate degree of protection regardless of nitrogen application strategy.


  • Higher concentration DCD with lower levels of NBPT formulated with a patented solvent system for below-ground nitrogen protection.
  • Nitrification inhibitor helps prevent leaching, denitrification and slows the conversion of ammonium to nitrate.
  • Perfect for applications in wet / poorly drained soils, tile-drained soils, coarse – sandy soils, and heavy soils that are traditionally cultivated.

Protect your nitrogen investment from nitrogen loss due to volatilization,
denitrification and leaching with our suite of patented nitrogen protection products.