Access is a blend of adjuvant technologies designed to be used with systemic fungicides, PGR’s, and insecticides.It is a 100% active ingredient, non-ionic foliar adjuvant that serves as an activator, penetrant, anti-drift, and deposition aid product all in one.


Eradicate is a blend of soil wetting agents combined with solvent technologies intended to treat existing problems of localized dry spot and hydrophobic soils as a corrective strategy.While the solvents remove organic compounds and waxy coatings on soil particles that are responsible for LDS, the surfactant helps restore normal hydration characteristics to the soil.As opposed to a short-term treatment strategy that addresses only the symptoms of hydrophobic areas and LDS, Eradicate actually works to correct the causal effects of LDS.


Hydra is a soil surfactant designed to maintain proper moisture conditions in the soil and to prevent the development of LDS and hydrophobic conditions.When used as part of a regular maintenance program for tees and greens, Hydra helps ensure quality playing conditions, balanced soil moisture, rapid re-wetting, and excellent turf safety.


Quadrant is a soil surfactant designed for injection into irrigation systems for short-term moisture management.Quadrant is a blend of 4 polymers in a precise ratio to encourage uniform wetting, increase moisture penetration, and some moisture retention for about two weeks.Quadrant will increase moisture delivery to the root system, reduce localized dry spots, and increase the efficiency of irrigation.

Foliar Adjuvants



RSQ is a soil surfactant formulated to rapidly correct existing localized dry spot and hydrophobic conditions.Typically applied at 6-9 oz. per 1,000 ft2 rate, RSQ works to move water into problem areas, reducing hydrophobicity and quickly restores normal moisture conditions in problematic areas.RSQ will help promote the recovery of turf suffering from heat and drought stress.


Triad is a blend of three high-performance branched polymers designed for unmatched soil surfactant longevity.This unique chemistry is extremely safe for applications on cool and warm season turf.Triad is perfect for fairways and areas that have limited access where turf managers would prefer to make only one or two applications a year.Triad delivers uniform hydration, penetration, and rewetting with extremely low risk of phytotoxicity.


Typhoon is a 100% active ingredient product formulated to deliver uniform hydration, rapid rewetting, and a firm, dry playing surface.This is a premium product for turfgrass managers who want a very high performance putting surface.Typhoon is a blend of two capped tri-block polymers.This tri-block configuration means that there are three attachment points per molecule that secure the polymers to the soil particle for more uniform and thorough hydration than other competitive products while resisting microbial degradation and surfactant failure.