Water Conditioners, Equipment Cleaners, and Nitrogen Stabilizers.

N-pHluence 15 (15-0-0 + 16% S) & N-pHluence 28 (28-0-0 + 9% S)

Urea-sulfuric acid designed as an irrigation line cleaner, pH reducer, soil water conditioner, and a supplemental source of nitrogen and sulfur. N-pHluence contains 15% urea nitrogen and 16% sulfur, or 28% urea nitrogen and 9% sulfur while providing a safer alternative to pure acid products.
• Neutralize the negative effects of high bicarbonate and carbonate levels in irrigation water and the soil solution
• Lower pH of irrigation water and soil water
• Maintain the solubility of Ca and Mg in irrigation and soil water
• Dissolves calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate salts on the surface (crusts) and in the soil profile
• Improve the ability of soil-applied Ca-based amendments to produce soluble Ca
• Improve percolation and infiltration characteristics of the soil profile
• Help keep irrigation lines and emitters clean

Pinpoint - Spray Tank Acidifier and pH Indicator

A unique spray tank acidifier and indicator that is a non-corrosive, non-irritating, and non-fuming acidifier.

Exodus - Spray Equipment Cleaner

Exodus is a cleaning compound combined with detergents designed to remove pigment stains, residues, pattern indicators, and other stains on equipment and poly spray tanks. Exodus can be used as a ready-to-use cleaner for tough stains on tanks and equipment or can be diluted and used on more recent stains and for general cleaning.