Water Conditioners, Equipment Cleaners, and Nitrogen Stabilizers.

N-pHluence 15 (15-0-0 + 16% S) & N-pHluence 28 (28-0-0 + 9% S)

Urea-sulfuric acid designed as an irrigation line cleaner, pH reducer, soil water conditioner, and a supplemental source of nitrogen and sulfur. N-pHluence contains 15% urea nitrogen and 16% sulfur, or 28% urea nitrogen and 9% sulfur while providing a safer alternative to pure acid products.
• Neutralize the negative effects of high bicarbonate and carbonate levels in irrigation water and the soil solution
• Lower pH of irrigation water and soil water
• Maintain the solubility of Ca and Mg in irrigation and soil water
• Dissolves calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate salts on the surface (crusts) and in the soil profile
• Improve the ability of soil-applied Ca-based amendments to produce soluble Ca
• Improve percolation and infiltration characteristics of the soil profile
• Help keep irrigation lines and emitters clean


Spray tank adjuvant and tank mix buffer derived from citric acid and defoaming agents. Using pHactor will reduce spray tank pH and will help prevent alkaline hydrolysis of pesticides.


Spray tank acidifier combined with an indicator solution. Tank mix will change colors based upon solution pH. Prevents alkaline hydrolysis and mitigates spray tank bicarbonates.

Exodus - Spray Equipment Cleaner

Exodus is a cleaning compound combined with detergents designed to remove pigment stains, residues, pattern indicators, and other stains on equipment and poly spray tanks. Exodus can be used as a ready-to-use cleaner for tough stains on tanks and equipment or can be diluted and used on more recent stains and for general cleaning.