Value added nutrients for enhanced plant growth, stress resistance, and increased turfgrass quality.

20% Humic Acid

Blend of humic and fulvic acids, 20% total concentration by A&L and BaCl method of analysis.

Ace 29 0-0-29

Ace 29 is derived from potassium acetate which has the highest degree of foliar availability out of any other potash fertilizer sources. Potassium acetate has up to 5 times the foliar uptake of potassium thiosulfate and potassium nitrate while also having an extremely low risk of phytotoxicity.

CalSEAum 5-0-0 with 8% Ca

Highly plant available calcium with auxin-rich kelp extract. Designed to enhance stress resistance, encourage rooting, and to increase heat / drought tolerance. This unique form of kelp extract contains a high auxin to cytokinin ratio which has a strong influence on encouraging root growth.

Carburetor 1-0-3

High brix molasses fertilizer with minors and plant proteins designed to stimulate native soil bacteria, enrich the soil and reduce thatch. Use Carburetor on a regular basis to encourage healthy soil microbial populations, especially in sand based, low organic matter greens.

Grow In Special 11-30-0

Combination of high phosphate and a proprietary biostimulant designed to rapidly establish new turf, recover from disruption, and greatly accelerate tillering and rooting. Perfect formulation for aerification recovery, overseeding,
establishment, and to improve areas of thin or weak turf.

Hume-8 0-0-8

A blend of humic acid, kelp extracts, potassium acetate and organic acid complexed iron. Designed to enhance cation exchange, enhance nutrient utilization, color response, and enhance tissue levels of potassium.

OceaN 2-0-0 Kelp with minors

Urea and auxin-rich kelp extract formulation with iron, manganese, magnesium, and zinc. Designed to enhance root growth and color response while encouraging resistance to stress conditions.

Resist 2-0-2

Resist contains SAR elicitor compounds to enhance stress resistance, amino acids to aid in protein synthesis and carbohydrate production, humic acid & fulvic acid to enhance nutrient uptake & utilization, and biostimulant compounds to enhance turf vigor and rooting even during periods of stress.

Sil-Sheild 10% Silica

10% plant available silica derived from patent pending Sil-Shield Technology. Sil-Shield silica is designed to be more plant available than potassium and sodium silicates and unlike other silicates, Sil-Shield will tank mix with virtually any input at virtually any pH range.


4-0-0 with 7% Calcium derived from calcium biopolymers & calcium nitrate, combined with a block polymer surfactant. Designed to remediate high sodium soils and help turf resist and recover from salt damage. This formulation attacks sodium from three angles: calcium removes sodium from the soil particle while a sequestering agent keeps the sodium in solution, while a block polymer surfactant helps move the sodium down and out of the root zone.