Enhanced availability nutrients for foliar and soil applications.


8-0-0 with 10% Ca derived from calcium nitrate.


10% Calcium glucoheptonate with 0.5% Boron for enhanced cell wall structure.


Enhanced Micronutrients Package

EMP is a specialty micronutrient designed to increase stress resistance and enhance turf vigor. EMP contains a biostimulant package as well as SAR elicitor compounds designed to enhance stress resistance and increase turf quality under adverse conditions. EMP contains Mg, Mn, Fe, Zn, Mo, and B with fulvic acid and humic acid added to enhance nutrient uptake.

Gluco Max

Mg, Mn, Fe, Zn, and B chelated with glucoheptonates.

Iron Citrate 5%

5% Iron derived from iron citrate. Designed to rapidly correct iron deficiencies through foliar applications. Low stain risk and amine-based herbicide compatible.

High Mn Combo

4% Mn, 3% Fe, 1% Mg complexed with organic acids. Foliar or soil applications will enhance green color response and turf vigor. Low stain risk and amine-based herbicide compatible.

Iron 6%

6% Chelated iron derived from iron glucoheptonate for foliar correction of iron deficiencies.


7-0-0 with 6% Mg derived from Mg Nitrate.

3% Mg

3% Chelated magnesium derived from magnesium glucoheptonate.


7-0-0 with 15% Mn derived from Mn Nitrate.

5% Mn

5% Chelated manganese derived from magnesium glucoheptonate.


3% Fe, 1% Mn, 0.80% Zn, 0.022% B complexed with organic acids. Suitable for foliar and soil applications.


7-0-0 with 17% Zn derived from Zn Nitrate.