Non-plant food compounds designed for enhanced crop production, enhanced nutrient utilization, and enhanced stress resistance.

Fulvic Advanced (30% Fulvic Acid)

Concentrated low molecular weight fulvic acid for enhanced nutrient uptake and cell division.

20% Humic Acid

Blend of humic and fulvic acids, 20% concentration by A&L and BaCl method of analysis.

6% Humic Acid

6% Humic Acid Solution.


10% Solution of Salicylic Acid. Applications of salicylic acid have been demonstrated to increase crop yields and enhance stress resistance.

Sil-Shield 25% Silica

25% plant available silica derived from patent pending Sil-Shield Technology. Sil-Shield silica is designed to be more plant available than potassium and sodium silicates and unlike other silicates, Sil-Shield will tank mix with virtually any input at virtually any pH range.