This chart shows the relative absorption percentages of potassium after a foliar application.

Nutrients designed for unmatched foliar absorption.

Acetate-based nutrients generally have superior foliar availability over traditional nutrients. Lower use rates and more efficient nutrient utilization are typical of acetate-based nutrients. This allows crop managers to reduce their overall fertilizer salt loads while safely achieving excellent tissue levels of nutrients. As an example, the chart on the right shows how potassium acetate has up to five times the foliar availability of traditional forms of potassium such as potassium nitrate.

% K
Absorption Rate %
Foliar Absorption
Potassium Acetate
2 Qts
1.54 lbs
0.77 lbs
Potassium Thiosulfate
2 Qts
1.52 lbs
0.145 lbs
Potassium Chloride
10 lbs
6 lbs
0.564 lbs
Potassium Sulfate
10 lbs
5 lbs
0.44 lbs
Potassium Nitrate
10 lbs
4.4 lbs
0.33 lbs

Ace 29 0-0-29

Pure potassium acetate product having the highest degree of foliar availability out of any other potash source.

Ace Ca 5%

5% Calcium.

Ace K-Mag

Ace Mg 6%

6% Magnesium.

Ace Mn 5%

5% Manganese.

Ace Zn 8%

8% Zinc.

Power PaK 2-0-26

Fast release urea with potassium acetate provides superior safety and absorption of potassium than potassium nitrate.

Power PaK 5-0-20

60% SRN urea triazone with potassium acetate provides superior safety and absorption of potassium than other potassium sources such as potassium nitrate. A superior replacement for potassium nitrate.

Power PaK 12-0-15

Foliar fertilizer with 37% SRN urea triazone and potassium acetate provides a low salt index fertilizer with superior availability.

Power PaK 14-2-14

Balanced foliar fertilizer with 50% SRN urea triazone, ortho-phosphate and potassium acetate with a low salt index and superior foliar absorption.

Power PaK Zn

Coming soon! Specialty formulation containing potassium acetate and zinc acetate for safe foliar applications on young corn and other crops.